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 “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
  ~William Butler Yeats

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No Tears Tutoring is one of the few tutoring schematics to make positive experiences raise the skill level of the student. It is usually the other way around: tutoring sites typically try to raise grades and assume higher grades will solve all emotional and academic difficulties. However, that is not so in my experience. No Tears Tutoring sees your child with all his/her needs and builds confidence and academics together. Keep up the good work!

Debra A. Boyle, M.Ed. Learning and Development Specialist 

Success Stories


Our son, a second grader in the Waynesboro, VA school system, has shown definite improvement and interest in his school and homework since we hired Ellen Werther and No Tears Tutoring. Before, homework was stressful and took hours. With Ms. Werther that time has been reduced to 20 or 30 minutes a day.

She is engaging and patient with our son. We like her and do certainly recommend her and No Tears Tutoring to any parents who are looking for an experienced and talented tutor.

Gina and Paul C. Waynesboro, VA
no tears tutoring

My daughter was struggling in the 5th grade.  Although her grades were ok, she was becoming more and more insecure. The teachers were not concerned because she was getting Bs and Cs. 

Ms. Werther worked with her for a couple of weeks before school started, filling in the gaps and preparing her for the 6th Grade. Working with Ms. Werther, my daughter has become much more confident and she loves the 6th Grade. I would not hesitate to go back to No Tears Tutoring in the future.

Kristina M.

I knew that Ellen worked with adult learners, so I approached her to help me write some business proposals. She helped me organize my thoughts and put them on paper. During the process, she taught me how to edit and rewrite the material so it was clear and interesting. I was very impressed by her patience, thoroughness, and attention to detail. I highly recommend her for any adult learner who wants to learn how to become a better writer.

Will W., Staunton, VA

Ellen Werther is a most excellent tutor! After a month and a half of Alegebra 2, my son (who suffers from ADD) was receiving test scores of 20 & 30%.

Ellen had quick mastery of the material and taught and worked with my son very effectively…very quickly!!! From the start, Ellen connected with Daniel and unpacked the lesson material in a way he could grasp…Within one and a half weeks my son received an 89 on a quiz! Ellen is also very fun and lovable.

Ellen went out of her way to help Daniel several times, one being sitting in on some of his math classes to observe him and the classroom environment.

Wendy W., Weyers Cave VA

We are very thankful we found No Tears Tutoring for our son who was behind several grades in reading and having a hard time with math. Within a couple sessions we were able to see a difference. Ellen attended meetings at school…[went] above and beyond to help him and us as well. If your child is struggling this is a great program and you won’t find a better program than No Tears Tutoring.

Heather B., Verona VA
no tears tutoring

I had been preparing for the business school entrance exam (GMAT) for over a year and had hit a plateau. I was overwhelmed by the lack of progress and was ready to give up completely.

No Tears Tutoring helped me at my lowest point, providing the guidance and support I needed to better understand how I learn most effectively and to enable me to continue to push towards my goal. I learned that every individual learns in a unique way.

No Tears Tutoring offered personalized feedback that helped me understand my own learning strengths and style and develop a personalized study plan to effectively crack the test, which I did! SCORE! This deeper understanding of how I learn and think is ultimately more valuable than overcoming a test; it is a life lesson that I will be able to use forever, and throughout business school. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams! 

Jonathan, Venice, CA

Our grandson has ADHD and had failed the 6th grade. He considered himself a failure and thought the teachers had given up on him. We were fortunate to find Ellen and arranged for intensive tutoring in math, science, history, and writing over the summer.  Ellen was never frustrated with him and found ways to keep him interested and challenged, even on his “bad” days. Not only did she help him get back on track with his subjects, she also helped boost his confidence.

We arranged to have our grandson re-tested and the teachers were so impressed with his progress that they allowed him to move on to the 7th grade. To date, his teachers are happy with his work and he is on track to make A/B honor roll. He now likes his teachers, his confidence has improved, and he was so proud to bring home his first A test grade! The results speak for themselves.

Bill H., Grottoes VA
no tears tutoring

Ellen has wonderful intuition into what makes a person “tick” and takes the time to understand individual students, how they operate, as well as their skill sets.

My son has excelled in school and as a person working with her. She has advocated for him within the school system successfully and created an educational plan in which we are all partners! Thank you Ellen!

Stephanie D. Staunton, VA

Ellen is great! As a homeschool mom, I need to know my limitations and really needed someone to work with my son on writing. Ellen has been an awesome resource and my son has really enjoyed working with her. Working with teens can be a challenge; Ellen was firm yet built my son’s confidence with constructive feedback and stayed positive.

Heather K., Homeschool Mom

My son is on the Aspergers Spectrum. Ellen has worked with him for several months, balancing his special needs with his abilities. She finds unique ways to help teach him the material. She shows patience and preseverence. I would recommend her to anyone.

Mary M. Penn Laird, VA

Zachary has improved tremendously since Ellen first started working with him three years ago. Initially, Zachary was a good 2 1/2 levels below grade level. We began with intensive tutoring 3 days a week. Zachary is now almost on grade level and we are able to drop to 2 days a week. Ellen not only tutors; she supports me at IEP meetings and with a host of other educational issues.

Tracy P., Craigsville, VA
no tears tutoring

Big ups to No Tears Tutoring for helping my 4th grader gain the confidence in herself to bring up her grade from a C to an A in math. She continues to demonstrate such confidence in other areas of her life as well….Thank you! 

Andrea M., Staunton mom

Thanks for your work with my grandson during his Algebra crisis. While I doubt he will ever be a huge Algebra fan – working with you helped him to see he could tolerate homework and learn the language of math. He never complained about coming to tutoring and I find that amazing for a 14 year old boy! Thanks for you help.

Vicki G.
no tears tutoring

For years I had met with teachers to discuss problems my daughter was having in school.  She was struggling and I was becoming increasingly frustrated by the school system.  Ms. Werther was the first person to point out my daughter’s underlying problems. From our first meeting, Ms. Werther was awesome. She always let me know what was working and what was not working in the classroom and came up with helpful advice and ideas to correct specific situations in several subject areas.  The communication was great and I am grateful to her for helping my daughter become successful.  

Heidi L., Happy mom
no tears tutoring

No Tears Tutoring is amazing. Ellen has worked with my daughter who is in high school for the past two years and we were very impressed.

Ellen is very knowledgeable, dependable and reasonable. She is great with the kids. She goes the extra mile to do her best to reach them on their learning level. She also communicates with the parents and keeps them informed each step of the way.

We would not hesitate to use her services again!

Fort Defiance Mom

My son was having difficulties with English and some areas of math, but with No Tears Tutoring he has consistently shown marked improvement. He has learned new/different techniques to aid in his thinking. Only 2 hours a week of 1:1 help faithfully has been well worth the little amount of money that we are paying and in the end will produce a greater return for our son.

Kim R. Fishersville, VA

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