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Parent Coaching

“Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.”
                                                                          —Zen Proverb

Parent Coaching

Over the years, it has been increasingly clear that the family dynamic can have a positive or negative impact on a student’s behavior and performance. Conversely, the student’s learning challenges often affect the entire family. Parents are often overwhelmed when trying to tackle the complexities of the modern curriculum. Often, tutoring is more effective when family issues are identified and addressed.

A mix of factors that tie into a student’s success (in school and in tutoring) and the role of the parents are critical. We understand that sometimes parents need perspective and support to handle and navigate these challenges. As part of our parent coaching services, we work with parents to help sort through and deal with the issues that are affecting the student and family.

We have found that a combination of tutoring for the student and parent coaching for the adults brings about more effective results.

Success Story

A mom called us, sounding frantic: her son, a second-grader, was taking three hours or more to complete his homework. Mom and son fought because he would not sit to do his homework. (Mom believed that since he had to sit in school, it was important that he sit to do his homework.) Mom was fighting a losing battle. And she desperately needed someone to talk to, who could give her perspective and reassurance.

We coached her to choose her battles wisely, showing her that her son could, indeed, get his homework done while standing. The child wanted to take frequent breaks–no wonder! He had just been in school for several hours. And he was exhausted from the arguments with his mom. By allowing frequent breaks, we helped the youngster “chunk” his tasks into manageable portions. After a few sessions, the young man was finishing his homework in less than 40 minutes. And he eventually sat down to do it.

His grades improved–as did the family dynamic.  

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