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“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.” 
                                                                          —Chinese Proverb

Academic Support

Academic Support remains the mainstay of No Tears Tutoring–the foundation of all our services. We provide one-on-one tutoring in all subjects, for students of all ages and all ability levels. 

While we cover all subjects, our primary focus is on reading (decoding, comprehension, fluency), math (elementary, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics), and college prep.

We use a variety of on-line learning resources and other activities to make the learning process fun and engaging. Students who never liked school (or a particular subject) before, now find it enjoyable.

We tailor our lessons and approach to the learning style and needs of the student. And, whenever possible, we coordinate with the student’s teachers to enhance the learning process. Frequently, while working with the student, we uncover learning challenges that warrant further exploration and possibly testing, either through the school system or privately. Often parents need support themselves–whether it is learning how to best support the student or to communicate with the student’s teachers. These parents often combine parent coaching with our Academic Support. 

Success Story

A few years ago we were called by a family who was homeschooling their son. The young man had done well in math–until he got to algebra 2/trig.  He seemed to have hit a wall. When Ellen started working with him, he let her know that math was his least favorite subject.

Nevertheless, he did very well with most of the material, mastering it quickly. But there were some concepts he just wasn’t grasping. Ellen reminded him  of concepts from algebra 1 but he did not remember having learned them. No wonder he was struggling with algebra 2. He did not have the proper foundation!

We reviewed the algebra 1 concepts he needed to succeed in algebra 2. Soon, we were back on track:  We were able to move through algebra 2 and trigonometry, even delving into pre-calculus before he took his summer break.

As we approached summer vacation, the young man indicated he now enjoyed math. During what would have been his junior year, he took a  classes at the local community college, including pre-calculus.  He aced the class and was able to transfer the credits to a highly rated 4-year college, where he majored in, of all things, math! 

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