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Applying to College

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”


~Anne Frank

Applying to College

Applying to college can be a formidable task. Does your student start at a community college and transfer after two years?  Apply to a local university or one across the country?  Which ones best meet your student’s needs?  Is your student qualified for the school of his or her dreams?  Should one visit schools before deciding?

What about scholarships and financial aid?

No Tears Tutoring helps students and parents through this process.  Our associates work with them on everything from prepping for the SATs and ACTs–determining if the optional essays and SAT subject tests are necessary–writing college essays and more.


Success Story

This year we have been working with a young lady from a local private school. We started by having her take a couple of practice SAT and ACT tests. Her scores were low. After further assessment, we determined that although she was a senior, she did not have all the math she needed to succeed on the tests. Nor did she have adequate test-taking strategies. We reviewed the math she needed, filling in the gaps as required. And we taught her get-taking and time management strategies. When she took the SAT, she scored a 1220, much higher than the score she got when practicing. She then took the ACT and got a 28 (an effective score of 1310 to 1340 on the SATs.) Initially she had 25 schools on her list. We helped her prioritize and narrow her list down to a more manageable 11. We are working with her now to perfect her essays and find scholarships.

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